• Anna Delac Tsonidis

The first day is here

The first day is here. How did you sleep? Well i know that many of you were tosing and turning wondering if your child will be ok. Well here is the thing...they will be fine. Here are some things to consider on the first day of school.

Allow extra time in the morning. Have a good breakfast with your child. Brush teeth, brush hair, wash face and allow time to take photos to capture the moment!

Talk positively about the day ahead on the way to school. Your child may have many questions even as your driving or they may sit in silence just wainting for this to happen. Be calm and positive  and remind your child where you will be at pick-up time.

Manage your own anxiety. You may like to plan a relaxing activity the night before or arrange to have coffee with another parent after the school drop-off.

Have a small healthy snack ready at the end of the day to help your child re-energise. Make sure its healthy because your childs food intake particularly minimising sugar is important

Remember that your child might be exhausted when they get home. Give them some down time and try not to overwhelm them with too many questions about the day. Grandparents and extended family members might need to be reminded about this too. Your first question will be "How was school today" or "What did you do today?" Don't be too discouraged when your child replies "good" and "nothing". Most young ones will respond like this but its ok, they will open up and share when they are ready. Perhaps think of questions that are not closed such as. "Explain what you did at play time?"

Praise your child for being brave (even if they were not) by having a little Celebration.   You may like to organise a special activity or dinner together as a family on the weekend to celebrate.


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