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ABOUT Little Tots Get Ready for School  

Anna is an experienced teacher of over 20 years, who has found a particular interest in researching methods for omptimum learning for 

pre schoolers. 

"Get Ready For School" was founded in 2009 after much research

into how pre schoolers learn best. As a result of cutting edge practise, our past young learners have enjoyed the success of the prgram and made a very smooth transition from pre school to BIG school.


Studies of the brain reveal that children learn earlier and learn more than we once thought possible. From birth through age 5, children are developing the language, thinking, physical, emotional and social skills that they will need for the rest of their lives.The Get Ready For School program supports this philosophy and is for families and caregivers who want to help their preschool children  learn and develop some of the skills necessary for success in school.


The first five years of a child's life are a time of tremendous physical, emotional, social and cognitive growth. Children enter 

the world with many needs in order to grow:  love, nutrition, 

health, social and emotional security and stimulation are all important skills that prepare them for school and of course life success. Children also enter the world with a great capacity to learn. That is why we

pride ouselves on the very important role of supporting your child to   

Get Ready for School.

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